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Printing Envelopes and Labels

This QuickGuide explains how to print envelopes and labels from Partner Platform for one client and for multiple clients.  

Linking Clients Using Cross Reference

This QuickGuide explains how to link related clients through the Cross Reference feature. Linked clients will show on the Client QuickSummary screens, but will not appear in search results.

Cleaning up Clients After Receiving Initial Loads

This QuickGuide explains the steps to eliminate duplicate clients created after receiving initial loads from multiple companies. This is intended for agencies that are new to Partner Platform that are populating their database using i-loads. If you are not new to […]

Merging Clients

This QuickGuide explains how merge two clients together in Partner Platform.

Creating and Linking Individuals

This QuickGuide explains how to create a new individual and how to link an existing individual to a client in Partner Platform.

Creating a Client

This QuickGuide explains how to create a new client in Partner Platform.  

Importing Clients, Contacts or Individuals

Partner Platform offers the Marketing List Import function which allows you to import basic information for prospects, clients, contacts, individuals from a .csv file format. This QuickGuide provides tips for preparing a spreadsheet and instructions on how to import it.

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