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Client Portal for Agency Administrators

This QuickGuide explains how portal Administrators can access the Client Accounts section to reset passwords, delete accounts, or give administration permission to other agency users.

Registering Individuals for the Client Portal

Individuals entered in Partner XE can also register for the Client Portal to view client information. This QuickGuide explains how to set up/restrict individual’s access to clients on the portal and how individuals can register for the Client Portal and […]

Partner Connect – Be a “Digital” Agency

Clients today choose to buy from independent agents for a variety of reasons, including relationship, convenience, and cost. How do you make all those things happen in a digital world? And how do you do it affordably as a business […]

Client Portal Training Guide

This training guide explains the features available for agencies’ customers on the Client Portal. If interested in activating the Client Portal for your agency, please email

Sharing Documents to the Client Portal

If enabled in the Portal Settings, documents can be shared from a Client’s Profile to the Client Portal. This QuickGuide explains how to share and remove documents from the Client Portal.

Issuing Certificates on the Client Portal

This QuickGuide explains to the end-user how to issue certificates using the Client Portal. Feel free to brand this with your agency information and share with your clients.  

Client Portal Settings

This QuickGuide explains the Desktop Admin Client Portal Settings so you can configure it appropriately for your clients/agency.

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