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Webinar: Partner XE Outlook Plug-In 2016 Overview

This webinar previews the enhancements in the Partner XE™  Outlook Plug-In 2016, which include: Attaching multiple emails to the same client Streamlined automatic email attachment to client profiles Updated icons indicating which emails have attachments Assigning document categories and/or folders […]

Webinar: Policy Management Part I

This webinar is intended for everyday users of Partner XE™ who manage downloaded and non-downloaded policies. Tips and shortcuts included in this webinar are: Using Policy Description Policy reporting Tracking producers and commissions  

Webinar: Getting the Most out of PartnerNet

This webinar is an introduction to PartnerNet, which includes: How to find step-by-step instructions for common workflows in Partner XE™ Where to view instructional Partner XE webinars How to access unique coverage codes and import them into Partner XE™  

Webinar: Vendors and Month End

This webinar covers Month End and Vendor features in Partner XE™: Month end closing process and reports Setting up vendors for payroll Tips & tricks for entering vendor bills  

Webinar: Partner XE Outlook Plug-In 2015 Overview

This webinar covers all the features of the Partner XE™ Outlook Plug-In, including the latest in the 2015 release. New features include: Adding a note when attaching an email Import contacts from Partner XE™ into Outlook Ability to open client, […]

Webinar: Grow your Agency Using Query Builder

This webinar covers the Query Builder feature in Partner XE™. Webinar highlights will include: How to create, save, edit, and share queries How to run reports using policy detail information for Auto and Home policies How to export queries to […]

Webinar: RPost/Outlook Integration

This webinar covers the RPost / Outlook integration available with Partner XE™. Topics Include: Email encryption E-signature Email tracking/legal proof of delivery  

Webinar: Marketing Best Practices

This webinar covers the marketing features available in Partner XE™. Topics include Managing cross-selling and upselling opportunities Mass email marketing to clients and prospects Generating reports for marketing campaigns Staying close to clients using notes and to do lists  

Webinar: Custom Accounting Reports

This webinar reviews the accounting reports available in Partner XE™ and best practices, including: How the reports pull information Export and emailing reports When to use Month End, Hide Details, and Include Year End Entries options Income Statement – Previous […]

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