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Report Access Permissions

This QuickGuide explains how to access and assign the Report Access Permissions. The Report Access Permissions give you the ability to control which report categories employees have access to.

Managing Note Types

This QuickGuide explains how to add, delete and inactivate Note Types in the Desktop Admin Settings.

Creating a Note Activity

This QuickGuide explains how to create a Note activity, how to assign and change reminders for yourself and others and how to clear reminders once the activity can be closed.

Getting Started with Producer Results Manager

This QuickGuide explains the basics of getting started with the Producer Results Manager in Partner Platform. For more in-depth instructions about each part of the PRM, please see the Producer Results Manager Training Guide on PartnerNet.

Policy Expiration Report

This QuickGuide explains how to run a policy expiration report from the Reports section in Partner Platform.

New Business Report

This QuickGuide explains how to run the New Business Report in Partner Platform. It will display a list of new business policies in Partner Platform based off the date range entered.

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