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Marketing Automation Manager

This training guide explains the functionality of marketing campaigns and marketing programs, the Marketing Manager Home Screen and Partner Alerts.

Printing Envelopes and Labels

This QuickGuide explains how to print envelopes and labels from Partner XE for one client and for multiple clients.  

Partner XE Text Messaging

This training guide explains how to set up text messaging within Partner XE. You will need to either add the Marketing Automation Manager or add Text Messaging a la carte to be able to use this functionality. – Or view […]

User Access Settings

This training guide explains how to set up User Access Settings. The User Access Settings provide a way to restrict users from accounts they should not have access to (e.g. Life & Health).

Partner XE Word Plug-in

This training guide explains how to use the Microsoft Word integration to manage letter templates, create and save letters back to Partner XE and how to merge search results.

Issuing Certificates Online

This QuickGuide explains to the end-user how to issue certificates using the Client Portal. Feel free to brand this with your agency information and share with your clients.  

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