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Importing Clients, Contacts or Individuals

Partner XE offers the Marketing List Import function which allows you to import basic information for prospects, clients, contacts, individuals from a .csv file format. This quick guide provides tips for preparing a spreadsheet and instructions on how to import it.

Policy Transaction Types

This quick guide shows the list of transaction types or codes that can be selected or downloaded with a policy.

Reactivating the Outlook Plug-In

If you do not receive the prompt to login to the Partner XE Outlook Plug-in when you open Outlook, the reason could be that it was disabled. Follow the steps in this quick guide to reactivate the Partner XE Outlook […]

What check formats are available?

Partner XE offers 3 different check styles  Each style has a single stub option and a double stub option. NOTE:  To ensure that the correct format is ordered,  print out the selected format below and match the fields to the checks […]

Unique Data Referral Source List Examples

This QuickGuide offers an example list of referral sources to be used with unique data settings in Partner XE Administration.  These examples were included in the Sales & Marketing session at the 2014 NASPA Conference.

List of Carriers Certified for Download

The attached list includes all companies with lines of business certified for download into Partner XE. This document also shows is the company downloads direct bill commission statements and what download process is used.

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