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Moving a Policy Across Entities

This article explains how to move a policy (and client) from one entity into another entity using the import/export debug function.

Policies Downloading into One Client

This article explains why a series of downloaded policies may be to going to the wrong client. It also explains how to stop this and prevent for future downloads.

Matching Process for Downloaded Policies

When a policy is downloaded, Partner XE will try to match the entity, policy and client.  To learn about matching and how to avoid duplicates, read the guide below.

Troubleshooting Download Issues

This article explains the various download processes and what to do if your downloads do not come into Partner XE™ automatically. It will also explain how to restart the Download Transfer Utility if it has stopped running.

Adding a Quote Invoice

The quick guide explains how to add a quote invoice from the client ledger. Quote invoices do not hit your books and do not effect your accounting balances.

How do I enable and use post date on an invoice?

Post Date is available for Agency Bill Invoices. This allows the user to set a date into the future to post the invoice. This delays any effect on accounting balances until the post date is reached.

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