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Manually Attaching Emails from Outlook

This QuickGuide explains how to attach email messages from Outlook using the Partner XE Outlook Plug-in. You must have the Partner XE Outlook Plug-in installed to use this feature.

InsureSign Integration

This QuickGuide explains how to use InsureSign with Partner XE. InsureSign must be purchased prior to using this integration. If you are not already signed up for InsureSign, please contact InsureSign directly.

Proposal Creator Template Options

The Partner XE Proposal Creator has three template options available. Classic Alternate Corporate   The desired template is selected when creating the proposal, so templates can easily be toggled between based on the client.

Setting up the Proposal Creator

This QuickGuide goes through the four items that should be set up after the Proposal Creator is enabled: Agency logo, Producer and CSR contact information, a Disclaimer message, and an agency message.

Sending Commission Back to the Finance Company

This quick guide should be used when returned premium was sent to the finance company from the carrier and the agency owes the commission back to the finance company and/or carrier.      

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