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What check formats are available?

Partner XE offers 3 different check styles  Each style has a single stub option and a double stub option. NOTE:  To ensure that the correct format is ordered,  print out the selected format below and match the fields to the checks […]

List of Carriers Certified for Download

The attached list includes all companies with lines of business certified for download into Partner Platform. This document also shows if the company downloads direct bill commission statements and what download process is used. Carrier List

Managing QuickLists

This article explains how to create a Quick List. The Quick List allows the user to create user defined queries based upon system (predefined) searches.

Moving a Policy Across Entities

This article explains how to move a policy (and client) from one entity into another entity using the import/export debug function.

Policies Downloading into One Client

This article explains why a series of downloaded policies may be to going to the wrong client. It also explains how to stop this and prevent for future downloads.

Matching Process for Downloaded Policies

When a policy is downloaded, Partner XE will try to match the entity, policy and client.  To learn about matching and how to avoid duplicates, read the guide below.

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