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How do I use the Partner XE Mobile app?

This quick guide explains the features available with the Partner XE Mobile app and how to use them.   It also explains how to set up the mobile app for your agency and users.  

Exporting Search Results to Print

This QuickGuide explains how to easily export search results from an Advanced Search, System Search or QuickList and print the results from Microsoft Excel.

Creating a Contact

Contacts are vendors, lien holders, mortgagees and other non-customer/client contacts.  This QuickGuide explains how a contact can be quickly created using QuickCreate.

How do I quickly create an individual?

Individuals are additional insureds within a client or contact, ex. family member, employee, driver.  In addition to using the Individual – Address Book to create an individual, an Individual can be quickly created using Quick Create.  Individuals are used to […]

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