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Unbilled Policies Report

The Unbilled Policies report compares the policy premium/deposit amount in the policy details to the accounting transaction(s) entered on the client ledger. It will display policies with discrepancies between these two numbers, indicating that an accounting transaction needs entered or the […]

Production Analysis Reports

This quick guide explains how to run a production analysis report in Partner XE™. This can be ran by company or by producer.

Searching for Companies

This QuickGuide explains how to search for company information in Partner XE. You can also see company contacts and any activities or documents attached to the company.

Comparative Raters

This QuickGuide provides a list of raters that are certified to integrate with Partner Platform.  

Cleaning up Clients After Receiving Initial Loads

This quick guide explains the steps to eliminate duplicate clients created after receiving initial loads from multiple companies. This is intended for agencies that are new to Partner XE that are populating their database using i-loads. If you are not new […]

Setting Billing Address to Print on Payment Stubs

This quick guide and quick video explain how to print the agency’s billing address on the payment remittance stub instead of the agency’s physical address.                                 […]

Overview of the Document Management Section

This QuickGuide and quick video give an overview of the general layout of the Document Management section in the Client Profile.  It also reviews the features available from this screen, including moving, hiding, emailing, and more.           […]

Attaching Documents to Certificates

This quick guide explains how to attach a document to a certificate. Documents can be attached to a certificate template, to a specific cert holder, or both. These documents are available to be viewed from the certificate management screen and are […]

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