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Setting up Default Exit Steps

This quick guide explains how to some of the options in the policy exit steps to be defaulted every time a policy is updated.  

Removing the Document Category Selection Window

This quick guide explains how to set your user preferences to skip the document category selection window when saving documents. When this user preference is set, documents will save to the default document categories setup by Partner XE. Any document category […]

Linking Clients using Cross Reference

This quick guide explains how to link two related clients through the Cross Reference feature. Linked clients will show on the QuickSummary and Client Summary screens, but will not appear in search results.

Editing a Certificate Template

This quick guide explains how to edit an exitsing certificate template and the difference between the options Open Template and Add/Edit Policy. Note: SIS recommends that certificate templates are used to manage all certificates for a client, no matter the […]

Using a Universal Certificate Template

Universal templates should be used when there are multiple clients who need to have the same policy information on their certificates. Once universal templates are created, they are managed on each client as certificate templates. This quick guide reviews how […]

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